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The following are some of the many testimonials given about InspecteX Home Inspection Service on is a website where businesses are listed not because of a yearly membership fee, but rather from referrals of people who have used the services of that business and would recommend it to others.

"David began the inspection with a walk-around of the exterior of the house and garage, explaining areas of potential trouble, then noting them for inclusion in a later report.  He also gave an assessment of the safely-accessible areas of the roof and the condition of the shingles.  Next, the went through the interior of the house, starting with the basement, checking the furnace, water heater, plumbing, electrical panel, ventilation and the general condition of the foundation work, again giving helpful explanations of his findings.  From there it was a room-by-room inspection of the rest of the house.  Each room was observed for electrical outlet functionality, safety issues, functional exit windows, moisture testing in areas of apparent ceiling leakage, sink/toilet/shower drainage, safety concerns such as handrails and ground fault circuit interrupters, etc. until he had taken notes on every room.  It was a very valuable service.  His helpful explanations during the walk-through and especially his detailed final report were easy to understand and helped put my mind at ease.  I learned a lot about the house and its condtion, a lot about the type of things to watch for and how they could cause problems in the future, and a well researched to-do list for repairs and services.  All of it was easily worth the money paid."                                     - Greg W., Grand Rapids, MI.

" Dave arrived on schedule, fully prepared to professionally execute a comprehensive inspection of a 2-story, 1,600 sq. ft. condominium that had bee unoccupied for some time.  As an owner of several properties who's had significant experience with home inspections, I can say with confidence that Dave did a superior job, he was VERY knowledgeable, thorough and his report was extremely comprehensive.  This (service) was a tremendous value and I feel fortunate to have found such a solid resource.  I would highly recommend InspecteX in connection with any real estate purchase."                                                                                  - Julie D., Grand Rapids, MI.

" We hired Dave Czarnecki from InspecteX to perform a home inspection on a house we were looking to purchase.  We were extremely impressed with his attention to detail, thoroughness and level of professionalism.  He spent a great deal of time on each portion of the inspection, explaining to us what he was doing and what he observed during every step of the inspection.  He followed this up with a summary and detailed report, both including pictures, which covered everything he had gone over with us in a high level of detail.  He also provided us with recommendations for whom to follow up with for any of the issues he found.  Considering the level of detail and attention he gave us, I know I can trust anyone he recommends and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for inspection services."                                                         - Dee L., East Grand Rapids, MI.